Together Forever (至此终年) — Introduction and Prologue

Already liking it.



The announcement of my next project. 🙂 This one actually won’t start until Beautiful Bones is done in approximately mid-October, but consider me an eager beaver. 😉

My ramblings are at the beginning and the translated prologue is at the end of this post as a little teaser.

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Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Epilogue (Part 2) *NOVEL COMPLETED*

Its over!!!!!! *sob*. I really do hate finishing good novels.



Earlier in the year, when I had finished translating the final chapter of the main story, I hadn’t felt really sad about it because I knew there would be more coming in the published book. Now, though, this is truly the end. We truly have to say goodbye to Toupai and Sheng Sheng, their adorable relationship, and their hilarious friends. It’s more candy sweetness in this last post, of course, so let’s all say goodbye with a silly grin on our faces. To all the readers who have loved this novel with me, thank you!! ❤

(Readers who are also fans of Beautiful Bones, don’t miss the “additional comments” section!)

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