Supporting the unpopular topics. (LGBT, Atheists)

I came to note that if you are in support of something regarded as unpopular. You shut up about it. 

Like in my case. I highly support the lgbt community. I remember writing about it on Facebook and how discrimination should be put to a stop and the comment not only came from someone close to me but my mother.

Those were the times I wondered why I even accepted her as my friend. 

” i don’t know what problems your going through, Don’t air them. Solve them on your own. Your the only one who can solve them.”

I didn’t have a problems but really mom? 

Don’t comment at all. 

And once she said I should be careful on who I support on Facebook. 

Making me feel like I should be embarrassed.

I am not.

So people are allowed to air the problems in public and air their love for God and what not but not those who support the unpopular? 



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