Her every move is a masterpiece in my eyes…for a brief moment.

For a brief mmoment she is a master piece. An alien. I watch her stretch her tiny legs. She stretches a lot to the point of waking up.

I think she rises from sleep because she is feeling that good. 

She doesn’t stick her thumb into her mouth. She sticks her fist into her mouth. If it were possible to fit inside, I think she would do it.

Her hands are frequently cold because she keeps licking them. She licks…licks drowses of to sleep, wakes up remembering she was busy licking her fist.

I try to get her to sleep in the silence but she makes me compensate for my not going to gym. But the moment I put her in a noisy environment. She sleeps so sweetly.

I am happy with this tidbit of information. 

My mumchkin of a niece doesn’t like sleeping when its silent. She likes knowing there is signs of life. 

Silence makes her stare her brown eyes at me and scans my room. When I place her where her brother is who  busy quarrelling with his best friend over if buyakashar or buyakabanga Is better. She sleeps like a log.

Makes me happy because i am a noisy woman.


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