I listen to the low encantations…

It was a buzz of noise. They disagree, they agree. They laugh. It is 01:34 in the morning. They suddenly fall silent and I hear someone speak alone. It’s as If they depend on this persons words.

Praying to their God almighty to help journey through as they make their way home. To help them in whatever troubles they are going through. I admire their faith. 

The faith of relying on someone…in this case. Something or some being. 

The house is suddenly silent after their departure and its like no one graced this large walls. The house falls asleep as we prepare to fall asleep.

She breaths gently beside me. She is slowly waking up as if in a comma. She purses her lips when she is almost waking up. Puckers her lips and makes a sound that indicates she wants milk. 

My clearing of throat makes her jump is another sign that is waking.

Outside like clockwork. The hyena cries and gives me shivers and makes me scared. Gives me memories of a long time ago. 

I look outside the window. The lights lighting the runway are on. Makes it look so beautiful. And not far the highway lights are on. I see few cars pass making their journey to wherever it is their going and across the highway is darkness. 

Darkess that belongs to nature. The national forest that roams wild animals that are hindered from gracing our civilization by an electric fence. 

In the dark of night I lean on the window seal staring at the tiny flickering lights stack in the middle of the forest. Who in their right mind lives in the forest?

When I look harder in the day, I can see giraffe’s pass. Other than that. I stare at the forest. So near to modern civilization where we fool ourselves that we are co existing but what we are doing is eating up at the forest. Slowly by slowly. Making the animals move further from their habitats.

I hear her breath sharply making my heart escalate and she rubs her face with her tiny fist and I slide into the bed covers and close my eyes closing all the silent incantation of thoughts in my head.


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