Staring at her…

Well that Title couldn’t get any more creepy…

I stare At her. 

The only thing I can accept that its a miracle.

She never asked to be born but something, somewhere, it was decided that she was to be born. 

I stare at her and wonder if she is born to be just a character but all I can want for her is to be the main lead character in her story.

Two months into my life and she has put herself into my future plans.

She is not mine. I didn’t go through nine months and gave birth to her. I exist in her life because of blood. Our blood ties us together.

I watch her rise abruptly from her sleep and stare at me and I grimace because its not been long since she last slept and putting the munchkin to bed is similar to me going to the gym. 

She then investigates her surrounding. Investigates her own body. How she feels. If she is hungry. In response. She opens her mouth and wails.

And I am back to the gym. 


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