Adjusting to what I regret. The big chop.

Those moments that you try and console yourself that the big chop is the way to go. Imagining yourself after the big chop. Looking at the mirror trying to picture your face with a big chop.

Your friends telling you going natural is the best way to go and I did it. 

Going on Pinterest  and liking it but its not what you get. 

And what I will get accustomed to it and I regret…kinda. I don’t know. Adjusting to my new look. Making my face look different from what I am used to and then deciding to be patient.

Patience…wait. Wait until hair grows out and do whatever I want with it.

I am talking about hair. Cutting off the relaxed hair and remaining with your natural hair and having some guy even out your hair and you don’t like it but I never did like my styles before and grew to liking them.

I’ll grow into it. 




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