Reading a good book in public is hard to do…

I am at the hospital taking my dad to an eye specialist and as I wait…wait…

I am reading a translated Chinese novel called My Mr. Ostrich by Han Yan and crying is hard not to. 

I am a cry baby and me without crying is an alien using my body as a host.

Anyway. Wiping my tears in what I think is a strategic way, wondering if they see I am crying. 

I cry a lot in movies and books. My family just shake their head because I get really emotional depending on how deep it is.

This My Mr. Ostrich. Is a story about an impaired guy and his love Ms. Crab.

A book about how him having no arms, his journey with her always at his side from a young age , The things he went through. A true Cinderella story of his despite his disability. He was loved thoroughly by his Ms. Crab.

Their story reminds me of a line I read in the Outlander novel. 

When Jamie Fraser said 

“Lord you gave me a rare woman and God I loved her well…”
Interested? Type Sheshung bar Translation. On your Google search.

It will be the first link. Open and there will be numerous translators who have taken their time to translate their favorite Chinese novels to English. 

They make me happy because the Chinese novels are truly fantastic. They have me crying and laughing a lot. Some had me wishing I never read it. One I cried in the bathroom.I don’t think i have ever been so heartbroken by something else after Titanic.


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