My eyes wide open.

I am watching the relationship between my brother and his wife fail. Second wife. I hate to be at this situation because i clearly know he is the one who is in the wrong but can’t do shit. It has come to the point that i want her to leave to escape all this. I myself do not know how to handle the fact that my brother has turned into a male Chauvinistic asshole.

I told him point black that i am going to run very fast when i meet a man like him. When did the argument come about?

She doesn’t do it often but she usually comes home late either on fridays or Saturday. Now everyday she wakes up two hours earlier than usual to shower, then wakes the baby to feed her and by the time the baby has started drowsing of to sleep. It is my brother’s time to wake up and he said that just because there is a baby doesn’t mean his lifestyle is going to change. Meaning…he will make sure to bang everything. Closet doors, bathroom doors. He shouts asking his other 7 year old son if has had his breakfast and lets not forget that my sister in law was finally getting the baby to sleep so she grabs her stuff and go to work.

That all goes assunder when he does all that. I think to just piss her off. I don’t like the way he has chosen too. She has a life.

Just this April. She had gone to see her friends with the baby and she was in a fight with my brother. I was not at home that day. So i got home only to hear that when she returned he had apparently sent a message that she does not come back and she stays where she is.

She had looked at her message too late and well she knocked…knocked…tried calling him. She with the baby slept outsde in the cold all night and it broke my heart. I looked at my brother in a very different light.

He has never wanted to know who her friends are. Who her family is. He has never asked her if she has money when she plans to go to the clinic for the babies check up. Never asked how she is going.

Has never bought the little baby girl a cute dress or a doll. Nothing that makes you think that he is thinking of his baby girl. No.

And now with that routine she does of waking up and taking care of the baby and my brother wakes her back up and it takes another hour to put her to sleep making her late for work. Then she returns and takes a shower and the baby has already been fed by the house maid. She takes the baby, wash her, breast feeds the baby and stays like for two hours trying to make her sleep.

This routine goes on…every bloody day and on Fridays she returns home late and my brother has dubbed her a bad mother because she stays out late. Making it sound like she has been going everyday when she is everyday slaving because from what she is seen from my brother is that he may suddenly turn on her and kick her out of the house without having not planned.

I simply told him that, i would want a time out if it why i. Then he tells me that when i get a husband and i do not bring that bullshit into the house in which i responded that i wouldn’t need a day out if i am lucky and find a man different than him.

He then tells me that is motherhood. Honestly mothers do not complain about their motherhood but they just want respect and help because no matter how much a mother is supposed to go through. It is not right for them to do it alone. It is not right for them to be alone and trying their very best to be wonder woman. Wonder woman had Chris Pine for christs sake. Mothers all need a fairy nanny to just calm the children. Kids are not sunshine everyday. They are the stormy sea and they are the calm sea. They are the sea that you look at and gaze in wonder at the beauty.

My sister in law deserves fucking respect and i got a brother who is doing all this because she cursed at him. Cursed at him because she is here taking care of the baby doing all she can and she is also the step mother to his eldest son and she is also raising him up but my brother thinks he is super dad doing it all on his own. We are invisible. He thinks she does nothing.

He is a man with a wounded ego because she refuses to beg money from him because when she does borrow money. He makes it seem like the world depends on his shoulder. He reminds her down to the tidbit how much he has spent on her.

She tells him she is tired and he asks “doing what? Just breastfeeding the baby?”  She just wanted him to take her to the clinic. To chose an off day but he is forever working one would think he is getting shares from that job.

She is just so tired and he tells me he has locked the door that he is going to lock her out. I just look at him thinking “has this been him all the time?” Was he always like this?

Telling him she doesn’t need to complain. It is motherhood. Okay. So from his vantage point. Mothers should tirelessly leave her life like a robot. Mothers do not deserve a break.




Internet is over run by creepy indian men.

I was reading a post about Creepy Indian men and i couldn’t stop laughing.

This guy was talking about how creepy the majority of Indian can be. He currently leaves in India and how he would always catch on how they stared at the women, girls and it became a point that it was so uncomfortable for him and he said if he felt that way, then how would the women feel and if it was a girl alone, then she would have already left. I really liked this post.

Them Indian men have flooded dating sites. The sleazy, creepy messages do not come from my African brothers, no. My messages flood with Indian men who want just to be friend and we all know that is bullshit.

Believe me. A few have declared their love for me. Not the marriage kind of Love but the kind of love that for some reason they think its got power enough for it make you take a nude photo and send it to them as a show of love, they almost immediately ask for a nude or sometimes they just randomly send you a picture of their dick and not one but if they tell you they love you. It won’t be long before they ask for a nude.

You talk to them and they say how they are studying engineering or something and you think finally an educated guy to talk to but they all somehow have their brain occupied by this Creepy behavior where all their education flies out the window and they ask the one thing i hate the most.

“Send me your picture.”

and i have heard of this situation from lots of women, girls. It’s always the Indian men who watch perhaps too much porn and they think us African girls are not educated and very poor that a message from an Indian will make us feel special. They think all of us African girls are willing to put on a free porn show for them like they have seen in these porn sites.

They are just plain fucking creepy. They come onto normal sites and you don’t log in for a while and when you go back you wonder when did this start becoming a dating site? They are everywhere leering their creepiness like zombie virus.

It would be okay if they were gentlemen but honestly this Indian met who are somehow in every social site tend to have a very disturbed mind.






Her every move is a masterpiece in my eyes…for a brief moment.

For a brief mmoment she is a master piece. An alien. I watch her stretch her tiny legs. She stretches a lot to the point of waking up.

I think she rises from sleep because she is feeling that good. 

She doesn’t stick her thumb into her mouth. She sticks her fist into her mouth. If it were possible to fit inside, I think she would do it.

Her hands are frequently cold because she keeps licking them. She licks…licks drowses of to sleep, wakes up remembering she was busy licking her fist.

I try to get her to sleep in the silence but she makes me compensate for my not going to gym. But the moment I put her in a noisy environment. She sleeps so sweetly.

I am happy with this tidbit of information. 

My mumchkin of a niece doesn’t like sleeping when its silent. She likes knowing there is signs of life. 

Silence makes her stare her brown eyes at me and scans my room. When I place her where her brother is who  busy quarrelling with his best friend over if buyakashar or buyakabanga Is better. She sleeps like a log.

Makes me happy because i am a noisy woman.