Dear Future husband.

I will want a lot from you a lot in the future but please…please…be a strong man who speaks up when something is wrong and steps forward to do something. 

I need you to be able to stand up to my mom. You see she is a narcissistic woman who loves getting her way and if it is not her way then she will say that you bewitched me or something.

And also…please, I hope your mom isn’t as batshit crazy as mine and too add. Please let’s make money and buy her a house and someone to take care of her when she is getting old. I am not planning on sending my mom to an elderly institution. Granted you are an African man…please. I have enough relatives issues in mine, I kinda hope you have a small family.

My grandmother had 8 sisters and a brother. So I have like 50…aunties and uncle’s.( My mother’s sisters are also batshit crazy like m mom.) so you should imagine if they get married and have kids. I can’t keep up with how many cousins I have and that’s just from my moms side. I have 50 cousins on my dad’s side. So I really can’t keep up with more large extended family if you  exist.

I’ll stay single if you are the type that involves his issues to the other relatives congregation.

Give me a heads up.


First days in my new job.

Well let’s say I said it was awesome soon.

Its just been three days.I am experiencing.

1: Doubt.

My  co workers all speak my mother tongue Kikuyu that I was not fortunate to speak. 

They speak to me in Swahili the national language and you can’t help it but think they speak about me when they turn to speaking Kikuyu. 

But I am sure they talk about Me because they speak in Kikuyu and lower their voice. 

My other mistake. This was embarrassing. 

I used the toilet which I hadn’t known at that time but it was the bosses toilet and there was no water. So imagine the horror of asking them where to fetch water and this woman had seen me and as I was walking out with the bucket to fetch. They were like (Oh my Godding) me in Kikuyu. *you know? Like OMG she didn’t go there! And she didn’t flash?* 

Like hello!! I was heading to fetch the water. 

Then they resulted to tell me that we don’t use that toilet. Too late. I want to bury myself underground.

I am tempted to snap at them to stop talking in Kikuyu but what can I do? 

Co-Existing together in Peace.

So, where I leave. Kenya, Nairobi. South C. As your heading to Bandari Villas. 

As i walk the long dusty stretch home. There is a sight that out stands me and makes me happy and proud. 

I pass a Catholic church and then next to it, I cross the Mosque next to it. 

And there has been no quarrel. There has been peace. They co-exist together. Makes me wonder why some in the world can’t.

Come Back to Reality…

I have been told this line. That I should get my head out of whatever ass I am in. Lol. Though I am curious as to what reality am I not in?

As an Introvert. I am very picky with friends. I do not go out for the sole purpose of making friends. Its draining. I do not like it. I believe friendship that is meant to be will be. The fates have deemed for us to be kindred spirits so why the rush?

My lack of religion. Is the second thing.

I have very different activities that are focused on my phone. You would think I am busy chatting up with my pals but I just ended a 10 year friendship that was draining me…me who made the countless effort to work on this friendship but it kept getting tossed to my face.

Back to my activities. Yes. Activities that has a way of me never getting bored when alone. I yawn when I am in a crowd but I rarely yawn when I am alone. How ironic.

My activities center on using WiFi and if not WiFi my bundles. Thank you Unliminet Airtel for existing.

If I am not finishing up my projects, I am either watching a Korean drama or reading a Japanese manga (comic book). *and no Mangas are not only for kids. In fact they should not be reading Mangas I read.*

I update my stories on wattpad. 

I go to sheshung bar translation to pick out the next book to read. (*Sheshung Bar is a site that has links to various Chinese novel translators from the ancient novels to the wuxia novels and modern novels. Fantastically translated by certain individuals and making people more aware of Chinese literature.*)

If not. I am busy listening to an audio book as I embroider. 

I am bonified spinster prodigy only thing I am lacking is a cat.

As you have seen. I have a deep interest in the Asian Culture. 

No. I don’t find myself caring if Kaleche started going to the gym after she donated blood and was told she was too fat and realized that been fat isn’t healthy or that she celebrated her 40th birthday having lost (IDFC) weight.

Or nor I am I updated to exactly why people got pissed when Baraka sat on the presidents chair. 

Or nor I care about the latest Kilimani Mums hula baloo. I am not a mom yet to actually Care about Kilimani mums shenanigans.

So because I don’t keep up with what entertaines you that means I am not in reality. 

And my friends unfortunately do not share links with such entertainment. I don’t know why perhaps because our interest is centered on other things that do not revolve around the Kilimani mums kirende.

This big world of ours has become a small.

My interest will change with time. Just let me enjoy this out of reality interests that do not keep me bored. Just as long as they do not make better kdramas or write better Chinese novels or create better Mangas and Manhwas and webtoons.