This post is random. I as a Kenyan and African in the East African. What I want most is for our soldiers to get out of Somalia. With the assumption that they are there to keep the peace. we all know that is bullshit. 

They are our neighbors and we better sort our shit out and stay out of their country and wait until they need out help but the fact that soldiers are there? So many? 

I care a lot for the well being of those unprotected women who can’t speak out and once again if you try and say our soldiers are not somehow doing something messy over there then you are something else.

My friend asked “who cares about what’s happening over there? Do you? Kenya is safe because our armies are there”. I was wounded. If she has such a mentality. Then perhaps most Kenyans. 

Why are we getting attacks? What did some of out people do to warrant such attacks. That should be the question asked. 


Taking a break from looking pretty.

The big chop is not for everyone and i am taking a break from looking pretty.

You should the see the amount of selfies i have taken. None. What is making it worse?

I got this job at an auto spare shop where i just have this overalls that just perfectly fits me in with the other men, disregarding the fact that i am a total girl who loves all things pink and purple and cries aaaa lot in movies and as well talks in them. Loves romance books, i am such a girl, to my dainty soft hands. How i got this job is beyond me. Thank heavens i do not do the hard work. I am busy writing delivery’s and invoices, receipts. Taking the cash.

When people come to buy some second hand spare parts they blink twice when i speak because. Hey! i am girl. What made you aware?

Oh i don’t know. Your curiously very soft tiny voice resembling like a child. I am having an identity crisis here. I am considering going to job all grunged up in baggy jeans and a big hoodie and peeling my sparkly studs out but my voice will just destroy my character.

Anyway. As long as my 24 year old body stays where i work and my hairstyle? my disaster big chop. I’ll just take a huge break from looking pretty.

and you know what kills my buzz? No hot men to drool at, you know? Like those steamy romance books i read with hot men resembling Vikings. *sigh*