Internet is over run by creepy indian men.

I was reading a post about Creepy Indian men and i couldn’t stop laughing.

This guy was talking about how creepy the majority of Indian can be. He currently leaves in India and how he would always catch on how they stared at the women, girls and it became a point that it was so uncomfortable for him and he said if he felt that way, then how would the women feel and if it was a girl alone, then she would have already left. I really liked this post.

Them Indian men have flooded dating sites. The sleazy, creepy messages do not come from my African brothers, no. My messages flood with Indian men who want just to be friend and we all know that is bullshit.

Believe me. A few have declared their love for me. Not the marriage kind of Love but the kind of love that for some reason they think its got power enough for it make you take a nude photo and send it to them as a show of love, they almost immediately ask for a nude or sometimes they just randomly send you a picture of their dick and not one but if they tell you they love you. It won’t be long before they ask for a nude.

You talk to them and they say how they are studying engineering or something and you think finally an educated guy to talk to but they all somehow have their brain occupied by this Creepy behavior where all their education flies out the window and they ask the one thing i hate the most.

“Send me your picture.”

and i have heard of this situation from lots of women, girls. It’s always the Indian men who watch perhaps too much porn and they think us African girls are not educated and very poor that a message from an Indian will make us feel special. They think all of us African girls are willing to put on a free porn show for them like they have seen in these porn sites.

They are just plain fucking creepy. They come onto normal sites and you don’t log in for a while and when you go back you wonder when did this start becoming a dating site? They are everywhere leering their creepiness like zombie virus.

It would be okay if they were gentlemen but honestly this Indian met who are somehow in every social site tend to have a very disturbed mind.






Taking a break from looking pretty.

The big chop is not for everyone and i am taking a break from looking pretty.

You should the see the amount of selfies i have taken. None. What is making it worse?

I got this job at an auto spare shop where i just have this overalls that just perfectly fits me in with the other men, disregarding the fact that i am a total girl who loves all things pink and purple and cries aaaa lot in movies and as well talks in them. Loves romance books, i am such a girl, to my dainty soft hands. How i got this job is beyond me. Thank heavens i do not do the hard work. I am busy writing delivery’s and invoices, receipts. Taking the cash.

When people come to buy some second hand spare parts they blink twice when i speak because. Hey! i am girl. What made you aware?

Oh i don’t know. Your curiously very soft tiny voice resembling like a child. I am having an identity crisis here. I am considering going to job all grunged up in baggy jeans and a big hoodie and peeling my sparkly studs out but my voice will just destroy my character.

Anyway. As long as my 24 year old body stays where i work and my hairstyle? my disaster big chop. I’ll just take a huge break from looking pretty.

and you know what kills my buzz? No hot men to drool at, you know? Like those steamy romance books i read with hot men resembling Vikings. *sigh*



Third Day After my break up with my best friend.

The words I wanted to say finally came after a day. 

Breaking up was hard to do. A friendship of 10 years and I finally came to term with the fact that I wasn’t her best friend after all. 

From what I heard of this best friend relationship was quite different from what I experienced and I was clinging on too much. 

I knew that I wasn’t her priority. She was a guys girl. You know those girls who had a lot of guy friends. Me hanging out with them made me feel cool until I realized they tolerated me because i was her friend, they called me a name. ‘Poxagi’ (I like poxing myself into their business) 

I just wanted to belong. That didn’t affect me at all. I remember asking if she defended me and she stayed silent. That was what affected me. 

I was insecure… Jealous…because of her. I wanted her approval soo much.

I didn’t realize how much she affected me until I sat down and actually evaluated our friendship.

I stay in South C and she stays in Ngong. The distance between our home is far and I would go to her place and even sleep over and when i asked her to come to my place she would make up some excuses. 

Now she had another best friend now the difference was another F was added at the end of the Friend. BFF. 

This BFF of hers stays in Nairobi west. A walking distance from South C. My bro asked me one day since he uses the route from T-Mall to pass through Nairobi West and enter South C and told me a shocking thing. 

He asked me why I don’t hang out with akina “BF” and I was confused and thus I found out that he sees them hang out at T-Mall. 

So she could make it to Nairobi West but not South C? 
Now this BFF was the perfect BFF who her ‘guy friends’ liked. They got into this group thingy where they were the small sister and I was just her friend.

Now 10 years later. 

I am the one to start conversations. I see a link that we would both like. I send. Books…we have things in common yet so different. 

I was the one to suggest we hang out. I was the one who got told excuses. I Was the one seen pictures of her hanging out with others and on Instagram see her actually propose to this other friends that they should hang out. Which she has never done.

And I was done been the ass licker. The booty licker. I was simply done. I told her and she was all I love you and I liked knowing you were around. “Knowing I was around to lick your ass?” 

I just hate how desperate she made me. She still makes me but I am going to change.

She turned me into those people who stalk her Facebook page, Instagram…

I hate how she made me and I ended it. There I felt so sad. I rarely cry for serious issues. I only cry for Sad movies but I felt tears just well up in my eyes and my brothers baby niece wakes up crying and I scold her. “What you crying for? I got more issues than you!”

I held her and pushed back the last tears I’ll ever do for her.